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BRISA Trapper knives

The Brisa Trapper has been a companion for thousands of hunters and bushcrafters for more than a decade now. With continuous feedback from such a long time, the Trapper has evolved to be one of the most understated knives on the market. Combining classical Finnish minimalist design with modern manufacturing, we get a sleek knife that is subtle in design, but superior in performance.

We are proud to offer one of the most customizable knives in the segment, with several different options in steel, grind, length and handle material. Trappers in Curly birch have handpicked scales, which we assemble, shape and finish by hand right here in our workshop. Steel options are classic O1 carbon tool steel, Böhler N690Co stainless- or ultramodern Elmax powder steel, all available in scandi zero or flat grind. Even a top quality firesteel option is available, with a specially designed sheath to carry it. All our knives are machined with a straight back for striking, so no need to carry an extra striker.

All our Trappers come with a high grade sheath, made from thick Spanish ox hide. Options are available here too, standard or left handed sheaths, Bushcraft and firesteel variants. All specifically designed and manufactured for the Trapper knife.

When used responsibly, any variation of the Trapper will be an excellent companion for years to come. They are perfect as a hunting-, camping -or bushcrafting tool, or just as a quality knife to have around the house. Whichever your cutting need, our Trapper will fulfill and exceed your expectations.

Steels and specifics for BRISA  knives

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Two year warranty against any defects in materials or manufacturing, provided the knife has been used correctly. No guarantee valid for discoloring, corrosion, broken tip or change in material due to humidity differences.

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