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Piili 85 folder

Piili 85 folder


The result of our collaboration with the internationally awarded Finnish knife maker Jukka Hankala. A knife where every part, every angle play a role in the complete context. Not even the inside of the knive leaves unprocessed,. In his modern, minimalistic design where the details will appear first after a closer look he brings the Finnish knife design to a new level. A true Gentlemans folder.

Length: 210/115 mm
Weight: 110 g
Blade length: 85 mm
Blade thickness: 3.25 mm
Steel: Elmax
Grind: Scandi w sec bevel
Finish: Satin
Lock: Linerlock
Frame : Stainless 1.3 mm
Clip: Stainless
Washers: Bronze
Screws: Torx 6 . Pivot Torx 8
Scales: Black G10 rounded


BRISA Piili 85 is under production. A few improvements will be made for the next production.

The Piili folder will come with three different scale materials.

Available in September 2019.


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