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64890 - Cumaru

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Size approx. 38*38*152 mm.

Cumaru lumber is extremely stiff, strong, and hard, lending itself well to a variety of applications. It is sometimes used in place of the much more scarce Lignum Vitae. Cumaru is also called by the name Tonka Bean, and the tree is commonly cultivated for its vanilla-cinnamon scented seed the tonka bean which contains a chemical compound called coumarin. It is sometimes referred to as Brazilian Teak as well. (Bell Forest Products)

Heartwood tends to be a medium to dark brown, sometimes with a reddish or purplish hue; some pieces may have streaks of yellowish or greenish brown. Tends to be difficult to work on account of its density and interlocked grain. If the grain is not too interlocked, Cumaru can be surface-planed to a smooth finish. However, the wood contains silica and will have a moderate blunting effect on tool cutters. Due to its high oil content and density, Cumaru can present difficulties in gluing, and pre-boring is necessary when screwing or nailing the wood. Cumaru has a faint, vanilla or cinnamon-like odor when being worked.

Janka hardness: 3,330 lbf (14,800 N)

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