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4753 - Micro-Mesh MX 7 pc set

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Micro-Mesh® MX, 7-piece Set Micro-Mesh MX features coarser grit than MM, making it perfect for rapidly removing stock. Well suited for smoothing varnished surfaces, working hard materials (metal, stone, hard plastics), cleaning oxidised or stained surfaces, removing scratches, and for sharpening and polishing. MX is less flexible than MM due to the somewhat stiffer textile base used.

Tips for using MM: Lubricate MM with water during use to prevent the abrasives from becoming clogged. (clogged MM can be either washed or brushed clean.) The MM grit scale does not correspond to the European standard, e.g. MM grit 1500 is approx. equivalent to sandpaper grit 600. MM grit 3600 will leave a silky-mat surface, MM grit 6000 - 12000 will leave an increasingly glossy surface. MM can be used to replace abrasive powders such as pumice, rottenstone, etc. between varnish coats or for the final polishing of varnishes, shellac or Urushi.

MM can be used with Micro Gloss to remove scratches and dull areas from plexiglass and car finishes. Grit 60/100/150/240/360/600/1200.  

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