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Steels used in BRISA knives


  C Si Mn Cr Mo V Co W P S
N690Co 1,08 0,40 0,40 17,30 1,10 0,10 1,50 0,00 0,00 0,00
O1 0,90 0,00 1,20 0,50 0,00 0,20 0,00 0,5 0,00 0,00
D2 1,55 0,30 0,30 12,00 0,80 0,90 0,00 0,00 0,00 0,00
12C27 0,60 0,40 0,40 13,50 0,00 0,00 0,00 0,00 <0,025 <0,010
Elmax 1,70 0,00 0,30 18,00 0,00 3,00 0,00 0,00 0,00 0,80
CPM S30V 1,45 0,00 0,00 14,00 2,00 4,00 0,00 0,00 0,00 0,00


N690Co, Stainless steel from Bohler-Uddeholm
The cobalt allows the creation of a very uniform structure within the steel. And when used in blade steel, this provides a fine and consistent edge, enhancing edge retention and sharpening receptivity. The European VG-10 equivalent.
Used in Trapper and Borka knives, and Trapper blades

O1 is a widely used american knifesteel.
Used in Trapper and Elver knives and blades

It is a tool steel and has very good hardness and wear resistance, while still maintaining some rust resistance due to high Chromium content.
Used in Trapper, Elver, and Birk knives, Trapper and Elver blades

Sandvik 12c27
Swedish stainless steel. Sandvik 12C27 is a martensitic stainless chromium steel with an optimized analysis for high quality professional knife applications. After heat treatment, the composition of carbon and chromium gives a unique combination of properties including:good corrosion and wear resistance.
Used in Necker knives and blades, and Walker, Nordic 95, Tundra, Skinner, and Hiker blades

This composition allows for the metal to have a high wear resistance, high compressive strength, superior corrosion resistance, and a very good dimensional stability, or the ability to retain its size and form even after taking abuse. ELMAX is produced through a hardening and corrosion resistant mold using this powder-metallurgy process. This gives the knife the desired traits of superior edge retention and an ease of sharpening, which is often the reason that people are attracted to such stainless steel knives. HRC 60-61
Used in Trapper and Piili knives, and Nordic 85 blades

CPM S30V is a martensitic stainless steel designed to offer the best combination of toughness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.  Its chemistry has been specially balanced to promote the formation of vanadium carbides which are harder and more effective than chromium carbides in providing wear resistance.
Used in Birk75 pocketknives

80CrV2 is the most used steel in Finnish knifemaking. A tough and rugged carbonsteel, this Thyssenkrupp material has proven itself over decades to be an excellent companion.
Used in the Nessmuks and Farmer series blades




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