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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship to my country?

- Yes, we ship worldwide. The cost is automated per weight and destination. It will be displayed in the cart before you confirm the order.


Do you offer free shipping?

- Generally we do not. We do not even charge our customers as much as the transport companies charge us. Other companies who have free shipping generally have to make up the cost from the product prices. We prefer to price things as they are, and not overprice products in order to offer free shipping.


Why is there a minimum order amount?

- We do not charge our customers as much for the shipping as the transport companies charge us. In essence, we are losing money on every single shipment. To offset this, we have a minimum order amount just so we can stay in business. The minimum threshold is 30€ subtotal including tax (24%), this means that the items in the cart before shipping needs to be over 30€, or 24,19€ if you live outside of the EU and are logged in to your customer account.


Is it possible to purchase without Finnish tax?

- Yes, you are able to make purchases without Finnish tax if you live outside of the EU, or provide a valid European VAT number. Our system is not automated, so if you have a VAT number please contact us before you order.


Can I make changes to an order after I placed it?

- Yes, we can make changes to orders as long as it has is not picked up by any of the couriers. Generally we process and pack everything the same or next working day, but if you send a mail before that we can still make changes.


How fast do you ship?

-  We have DHL pickup every workday at 12:30, DPD and Mypack pickup at 14:30 and Matkahuolto at 15:00. Post parcels are brought to the Post around 15:30. We try to get all orders packed and shipped by the next courier pickup. All times GMT+2


Do I need an account to make an order?

- No, you do not need an account. It is always possible to checkout as a guest. We do however have much better possibilities to do follow-ups and correct possible mistakes if you have an account.

What is store credit and how do I use it?

- Store credit is a value which is bound to your customer account. If you have credit in your account, you can use it as a discount when placing an order. You have to be logged into your account for it to be active. In the tab with payment methods, there will be a checkbox "Use Store credit". Check this, and the sum will be automatically deducted from the total regardless of payment method.


Can I change the payment or shipping method after I placed the order?

- We can rework orders as long as they have not left us. Please contact us as soon as possible if you notice any issues.


Is it possible to get a discount code?

- Generally we do not have discount codes, other than in special occasions. We change our specials every week, and send out newsletters a few times a month, so these will be the best way to find out about promotions.


The bolster you suggested on the website does not fit.

- Almost no bolsters ever fit directly. They are stamped out in bulk, and all have set dimensions. All blade manufacturers have different measurements, and especially handmade blades are all different. The bolsters we suggest are the closest fitting ones, filing the fit to perfection is part of the hobby.


Is this steel hardened?

- Unless otherwise specified, steel strips are never hardened. If we have been able to find official info, we link the heat treatment information in the category text.


Is this knife blade hardened?

- Unless otherwise specified, all knife blades are hardened. If we have information on the HRC, we usually have the info on the product page.


When will this item be back in stock?

- Depends a lot on the item. We source products from all over the world, and some delivery / production times are longer than others. Send a mail to support(at), and we will work something out.


Flammable materials

- Even how much we would like, we cannot ship flammable materials internationally with anything else than DPD. If you cannot choose DPD as shipping method, we cannot ship the goods to you.


Do I need to pay import taxes?

-This depends on where you live and the laws in your country. Within the EU, all goods move freely without taxes. Outside of the EU, the taxes and limits are set by your governments and we cannot control this. Neither do we write down the value of the package to bypass customs as this is illegal.


Can this be had in a larger size?

- A lot of items, for example acrylics and most artificial blocks, we get ready cut from the factory and we cannot offer larger pieces. Some woods, and particularly curly birch, we can likely offer something larger.


Are these scales sold singularly or in pairs?

- Unless otherwise specified, all scales are sold singularly. This is because many people also use scale material as spacers in stick-tang knives.


There was something missing or wrong in my package

- Of course, we try our best to pack exactly what is ordered. However most of us are only human, and thus mistakes happen. Contact us via email support(at), and include your order number along with the issue and we will work out the situation.


Damasteel patterns, sizes and special requests

- We are one of Damasteels official resellers. All materials you see on our webshop are in stock, and ready for quick delivery. If you are looking for special sizes or patterns, perhaps a custom size for a special project the production time is usually a month. Contact us via email for more info support(at)







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