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Knife steel

Knife steel

Knife steel in various grades. Sizes harmonized specially for forging and grinding out fulltang and nordic style knifeblades. An ever expanding selection of knife steels ranging from basic carbon tool steels, to high grade powder damascus steels from Swedish Damasteel.

Very well known AISI standards are met by European manufactuers and act as straight equivalents, such as Uddeholms UHB20C which corresponds with AISI 1095, Böhler K110 which corresponds with D2 to name a few. Also Swedish manufacturer Sandvik is represented with the timeless and tested 12C27 stainless steel which is used in everything from kitchen blades to sturdy survival knives.

Damasteel® is world leading in powder metallurgy damascus steels, as well as well known RWL-34 powder steel. We stock most sizes, and always happy to do special requests regarding sizes, shapes or patterns in Damasteel items.

When forging damascus or pattern welded billets, we offer the known nickel steel 15N20 which pairs up well with most carbon steels. Also 99% nickel is available in the metals section, and we are always looking to get new materials for various projects.

Several steels are also available in larger formats.


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